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Kaleidoscope Gown

Kaleidoscope Gown

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One of my favorite toys I had was a kaleidoscope. I used to look at the tube of water full of beads accompanied by glitter, and then as I looked through the kaleidoscope, I’d try and spot the beads as they were abstracted. Especially my favorites an oblong pearl and flower sequin. Now I take beautiful yarns and I’m the kaleidoscope. Abstracting 6 skeins of beautiful yarn in to this dress. Now all melded together, harder to pick out which yarn is which. Becoming something else entirely. A lot of the time once I put something on the form after it’s completed, there’s a moment of “wow, I can’t believe I made that.” It’s hard to remember even for me that just a couple weeks before it was just 6 balls of yarn.

Hand knit with 100% lyocell rayon yarn, features a back rainbow zip with custom Farradas Knits zipper pull 


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